Amazon plans to sack 20,000 Employees after Over-Hiring

As per the reports and leak, in the next few months, Amazon can lay off a minimum of 20,000 Employees from lower to higher posts such as Executive, workers, corporate, etc.

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Amazon plans to sack 20,000 Employees

A company named The Tech Giant which has more than 1.6 billion employees around the globe, will be hiring those staff in all the departments. Along with the 20,000 employees, the anonymous sources will also have the chance to lay off.

Recently, a report came from the New York Times about Amazon planning to fire around 10,000 employees which as result will be one of the biggest layoffs in the history of the Technology companies. The report also mentioned that the number of employees will double in the matter of Layoff.

The layoff will be done on the basis of the performance issues and service quality provided by the employee for the company Amazon and this task will be handled by all the managers.

There will be 24 hour notice period for the laid-off employees. A report states that Amazon is targeting a specific Department and performing the layoff tasks which can create fear in the minds of the other employees of the company.

The one reason for the layoff by Amazon is the implementation of the planned cost-cutting decision because Amazon over-Hired employees during the pandemic and is now suffering.

Another reason wiz’s the sales and growth, the highest sales of all time is getting and seems to be lower as compared to the same previous sales because of salary given to the employees is taking a part of the growth and profit.

The last report about the topic is about The Tech Giant which is going through non-profitable departments and units and needed opportunities to hire employees for the company.

Amazon is suffering a slowdown in e-commerce profit and growth due to the over-hiring and the market is getting old again with their habit before the pandemic.

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