Amway: Company Review | Is Amway the Best Choice in 2023

Introduction: What is Amway and How Does it Work?

Based in Ada, Michigan, Amway is an American multi-level marketing (MLM) company, founded in 1959 by Jay Van Andel and Richard DeVos. Its global footprint stretches across six continents with a presence in more than 100+ countries and territories. The company deals in health, beauty, and home care products. Amway is also known as the top-most and the best MLM Company in the world and the reason behind this is the business model and products provided by the company along with the applicability in almost every country and region.

Amway Review
Amway Review

Amway is also a Network Marketing or Direct selling company with a huge profit and employee base. Amway’s business works on the Pyramid Schemes which makes the people join the Amway community and also earn by selling the products and connecting people.

The History of Amway and How Amway has empowered entrepreneurs for over 60 years.

Jay Van Andel and Richard DeVos were friends since school days and had been partners in various ventures. In 1949, they were introduced to the Nutrilite Products Corporation by Van Andel’s second cousin Neil Maaskant and DeVos and Van Andel became distributors for Nutrilite food supplements in August. In addition to profits on each product sold, Nutrilite offered commissions on sales made by new distributors introduced to the company by existing distributors—a system known as network marketing. 

In 1958, DeVos and Van Andel started an organization of around 5,000 distributors. Their first product LOC (Liquid Organic Cleaner), formerly known as frisk was developed by a scientist in Ohio.

Amway Sales Corporation was formed to handle sales and marketing plans, Amway Services Corporation to handle insurance, and Amway Manufacturing Corporation (purchased in 1960 from Atco Manufacturing Company, original manufacturers of LOC). In 1964, the Amway Sales Corporation, Amway services corporation, and Amway Manufacturing Corporation were merged to form the Amway Corporation. Amway gained full ownership in 1994.

From 1971-2008, Amway expanded to Australia (1971 ), parts of Europe(1973) and Asia(1974), Japan(1979), Latin America(1985), Thailand(1987), China(1995), Africa(1997), India and Scandinavia (1998), Ukraine(2003), Russia(2005) and Vietnam(2008).

Amway has been ranked the 42nd largest privately held company in the US in 2018 by Forbes and ‘The number one largest Company’ on the Direct Selling News Global 100 list in 2018.

Amway Company Details

Registered NameAmway Corp.
FoundedNovember 9, 1959 (63 years ago)
FounderRichard DeVos, Jay Van Andel
HeadquartersAda, Michigan, United States
ProductsAmway Home, Glister, G&H, Nutrilite, Artistry, AmwayQueen, eSpring, Atmosphere, XS Energy
Revenue$8.9B (Reported Sale, 2021)
Amway Corp Company Details

The Complete Guide to Amway Business Model

The products are manufactured by Amway itself which includes homecare, beauty, and nutrition, and are spread around 100 countries. Amway works on the combination of direct selling with a multi-level marketing strategy. IBOs may market products directly to potential customers and May also sponsor and mentor other people to become IBOs, this way IBOs may earn income both from the retail and other markets along with the bonus.

 Harvard Business School has said that Amway is one of the highest and best profitable direct-selling companies in the world. Amway their success with the use of an elaborate pyramid-like distribution system in which independent distributors of Amway products received a percentage of the merchandise they sold and also the percentage of it.

How to Join Amway Business and Get Started on This Aspiring Career

Different ways:

  1. By submitting an application and the required documents in any of the Amway Offices or by using the official website of Amway.
  2. Amway’s business executives who are also joined by the Amway business model of marketing can put you under them and hence you can start working.
  3. By purchasing products and membership plans to get discounted rates of up to 40-50% and by becoming a member you can also sell the products to other people at the MRP rate.

Income of Amway and How They Make Their Money

Amway observed and counted sales of $8.9 billion for the year 2022. with an increase of four percent when compared to 2020 figures, representing a second consecutive year of growth. Amway after a long time has planned to increase its in Malaysian, Korean, and Chinese markets. Nutrilite, also known as the world’s highest-selling brand for vitamins and dietary supplements has covered 53% of the company’s sales.

As per the last 10 years, this year also Amway is the No. 1 Network Marketing and Direct Selling Company.

Specialization of Amway

  1. Firstly, Amway offers a variety of products to customers.
  2. The business model of Amway is very confusing and complicated which everyone cannot understand at the first time.
  3. Amway is known as the oldest and biggest MLM Company in the world.
  4. Provides delivery of the products which come under the services of the Amway association.
  5. Amway makes its maximum revenue by selling its products in every situation, time, place, etc.

Amway Business: Legit or Scam?

Amway is legit and you don’t have to worry much about stability and product quality.

Amway distributors only earn income when they sell products, not by recruiting others who then recruit others and sell nothing; therefore, the amount of money you make depends on your effort which makes them legit.

In the Network Marketing and Direct selling association, Amway is the largest company. This means you’re hooking up with a 60-year-old company that does $8-9 billion a year in sales.

Amway has made itself true and legit by making them investigated by the top Institutions in different countries and regions regarding their Pyramid Scheme.

Amway’s Products Details

Amway currently offers 4 categories in which different products are distributed as per their capabilities. The categories are: Nutrition, Artistry, Home Care, and Energy Products (Drinks/chocolates)

AMWAY NUTRITION – Nutrilite brand combines the best of nature with the best of science to provide vitamin, mineral, and dietary supplements necessary for a healthy body. The various products by the brand are:

  • Nutrilite supplements- It contains the essential vitamins and minerals that our bodies need along with plant-based ingredients.
  • Truvivity is a hydration-focused beauty supplement system that supports skin health from the inside out
  • BodyKey is a complete weight management program designed to fit your lifestyle.

Amway Artistry products are all designed to infuse skin with key nutrients to optimize and enhance its beauty.

  • Artistry products reveal your beauty with no compromises, by working like supplements for your skin.
  • Artistry Studio makeup collections create must-have colors, textures, and scents.
  • Satinique hair care formula.
  • G&H body care products provide healthy-looking, balanced skin.
  • Glister oral care products are formulated and tested to promote healthy teeth and gums.

Amway Home Care Products: From air treatment systems to water purification technology to cleaning solutions and cookware, Amway provides scientific advancements to your home.

  • eSpring water purifiers are scientifically tested and third-party certified.
  • Atmosphere Sky is a combination of particle sensor technology with a three-stage filtration system which results in cleaner air. 
  • ICook / Amway Queen Cookware features multi-ply construction with outer layers of stainless steel and a carbon-steel/aluminum core for even heat distribution.
  • Legacy of Clean and Amway Home products are safe for the whole family in the field of phosphate-free laundry detergent to environmentally sensitive cleaning products

Amway XS Energy is not just an energy drink and sports nutrition brand but also reflects the entrepreneurial spirit of Amway’s founders, who always seek to combine adventure and opportunity.

  • XS Energy Drinks deliver positive energy for making the most of your day. XS Energy was the first sugar-free energy drink which is sold around the globe.
  • XS Sports Nutrition bars do not have any engineered ingredients in them and are totally pure.

All the products provided by Amway, are researched and tested by the top researchers and are non-harmful for each and every one. People can use Amway’s products.


The Company has a strong portfolio of brands. For example, the Amway Business Centre app allows business owners to track sales volume and qualifications and easily connect with their groups. Amway is a perfect option for so many global trends.  And as per the business criteria, Amway is currently at the top in terms of profit and sales. It also has a maximum no. of people connected through direct selling.

At last, a trustworthy company to join for part-time or for just the use of products provided will never be disappointing for you but note that the risks are there in each and every task you perform, and beware of the unofficial scams.

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    – Products categories mentioned are wrong.
    – The Business Model is clear and transparent.
    – FYI, MLM is not an industry. It’s just the way of building a business. Amway belongs to the Direct Selling Industry, operating on Network Marketing model, with FMCG products.


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