All New Amway Products Price List 2023 [PDF Daily Update]

Amway is one of the oldest and most trusted Direct Selling Companies that runs successfully with all the legalities in India. Amway company offers over 278+ products in five categories a complete range of nutrition, beauty, personal care, and home care products. Amway has India’s largest Direct FMCG sellers.

Amway products price list 2023

In today’s post we are going to share The new Amway Products Price List of 2023, Product Price list is an important tool for every direct seller to keep with them. If you are a registered direct seller of Amway, then you will get all the products at discounted prices. before going further let us share a complete Amway company profile with you.

Amway India Company Profile

Company Registered Name : Amway India Enterprises Pvt. Ltd.
Date of Registration :May, 1998
CEO of Amway India :Mr. Anshu Budhraja
CIN No.U74120DL1995PTC071405
Address :Regd. Office – Ground Floor, Elegance Tower, Plot No. 8, Non Hierarchical Commercial Centre, Jasola, New Delhi-110025
Website :

Amway India Products Category

Amway India offers a wide range of products in different categories,

  • Nutrition
  • Beauty
  • Personal Care
  • Home and Living
  • Other Products

Amway India Products

Amway Nutrition Products Price List

1Amway N by Nutrilite SEIZE THE DAY (Multivitaminmineral gummy)₹799.00₹633.0060N Gummies
2 AMWAY NUTRILITE® Bilberry with Lutein₹2,159.00₹1,764.0060N (Tablets)
3 AMWAY NUTRILITE® Ashwagandha₹649.00₹495.00 60N (Tablets)
4 AMWAY NUTRILITE® All Plant Protein Powder₹4,019.00₹2,956.001 kg
5 AMWAY NUTRILITE® Cal Mag D Plus₹999.00₹639.00113 N(Tablets)
6 AMWAY NUTRILITE® Echinacea-citrus Concentrate Plus₹1,838.00₹1,456.0060N (Tablets)
7 AMWAY NUTRILITE® Ginseng Cherry Plus₹3,246.00₹2,571.00100N (Tablets)
8 AMWAY NUTRILITE® Vasaka, Mulethi & Surasa₹940.00₹718.00  60 N (Tablets)
9 AMWAY NUTRILITE® Glucosamine HCL with Boswellia₹3,334.00₹2,640.00120N (Tablets)
10 AMWAY NUTRILITE® All Plant Protein Powder₹2,387.00 ₹1,755.00500 g
11 AMWAY NUTRILITE® Concentrated Fruits and Vegetables₹1,819.00₹1,486.0060N (Tablets)
12 AMWAY NUTRILITE® Kids Chewable Iron₹729.00₹596.00100N (Tablets)
13 AMWAY NUTRILITE® Garlic₹845.00₹690.0060N (Tablets)
14 AMWAY NUTRILITE® 30 Serve PDO Pack₹3,000.00₹2,207.0030 Serve PDO Pack
15 AMWAY NUTRILITE® Kids Chewable Concentrated Fruits and Vegetables₹1,669.00₹1,364.0060N (Tablets)
16 AMWAY NUTRILITE® Ch Balance₹2,989.00₹2,443.0060N (Softgels)
17 AMWAY NUTRILITE® Biotin – Cherry Plus₹627.00₹513.0060N (Tablets)
18 AMWAY NUTRILITE® Kids Drink Chocolate Flavour₹1,080.00₹882.00500g
19 AMWAY NUTRILITE® Ginseng Cherry Plus₹3,009.00₹2,459.00100N (Tablets)
20AMWAY NUTRILITE® Cherry Iron₹1,023.00₹810.0090N (Tablets)
21 AMWAY NUTRILITE® Kids Calcium Magnesium Cocoa₹895.00₹731.00100N (Tablets)
22 AMWAY NUTRILITE® All Plant Protein Powder₹1,190.00₹875.00200 g
23 AMWAY NUTRILITE® Ch Balance₹3,226.00₹2,555.0060N (Softgels)
24 AMWAY NUTRILITE® Amalaki, Vibhitaki & Haritaki₹679.00₹518.0060N (Tablets)
25 AMWAY NUTRILITE® Daily₹1,309.00₹1,070.0060N (Tablets)
26 AMWAY NUTRILITE® DHA Yummies Omega-3 Soft Drops₹1,499.00₹1,143.0030N
27 AMWAY NUTRILITE® Brahmi₹649.00₹495.0060N (Tablets)
28 AMWAY NUTRILITE® All Plant Protein Powder₹1,139.00₹837.00200 g
29 AMWAY NUTRILITE® Natural B with Yeast₹956.00₹757.00100N (Tablets)
30 AMWAY NUTRILITE® Ashwagandha₹679.00₹518.0060N (Tablets)
31 AMWAY NUTRILITE® Protein with Green Tea₹2,275.00₹1,858.00500g
32 AMWAY NUTRILITE® Kids Chewables₹1,299.00₹1,062.0060N (Tablets)
33 AMWAY Bodykey Nutritious Delicious Shake Mix – Vanilla Flavour₹1,849.00₹1,511.00Pack of 14 sachets
34 AMWAY Chyawanprash by NUTRILITE®₹549.00₹475.00500 g
35 AMWAY NUTRILITE® Multi Carotene ₹1,389.00₹1,135.0090N (Softgels)
36 AMWAY NUTRILITE® Kids Chewable Natural C₹1,679.00₹1,372.00 100N (Tablets)
37 AMWAY Nutrilite Vitamin D Plus (D3+K2+Quercetin & Licorice)₹1,600.00₹1,267.0060N Tablets
38 AMWAY NUTRILITE® Tulsi₹679.00₹518.0060N (Tablets)
39 AMWAY NUTRILITE® All Plant Protein Powder₹2,496.00₹1,835.00500 g
40 AMWAY NUTRILITE® Milk Thistle Plus₹1,709.00₹1,397.0060N (Tablets)
41 AMWAY NUTRILITE® Coenzyme Q10 Citrus Concentrate₹1,069.00₹873.0045N (Capsules)
42 AMWAY NUTRILITE® Daily₹2,229.00₹1,821.00120N (Tablets)
43 AMWAY XS Energy Drink Orange₹440.00₹289.00250 ml * 4 Cans
44 AMWAY XS Energy Drink Mojito₹440.00₹289.00250 ml * 4 Cans
45 AMWAY NUTRILITE® Madhunashini, Shunti & Twak₹940.00₹718.0060N (Tablets)
46 AMWAY NUTRILITE® All Plant Protein Powder₹4,199.00₹3,089.001 kg
47 AMWAY NUTRILITE® Vitamin C Cherry Plus₹1,200.00₹968.00 60 N (tablets)
48 AMWAY NUTRILITE® Salmon Omega-3 Softgels₹1,449.00₹1,185.0060N (Softgels)
49 AMWAY XS Whey Protein Choco 1kg₹4,500.00₹3,623.001 kg
50 AMWAY Bodykey Nutritious Delicious Shake Mix – Chocolate Flavour₹1,849.00₹1,511.00Pack of 14 sachets
51 AMWAY XS Energy Drink Apple Strawberry₹440.00₹289.00250 ml * 4 Cans
52 AMWAY NUTRILITE® Cal Mag D Plus₹836.00₹637.0090 N(Tablets)
53 AMWAY NUTRILITE® Daily₹2,403.00₹1,903.00120N (Tablets)
54 AMWAY NUTRILITE® Fiber₹1,067.00₹845.00200g

Amway Beauty Products Price List

55attitude™ Crème Lipstick Cherry Red – Celebration Pack₹309.00 ₹236.002 g
56attitude™ Matte Lipstick Preppy Red – Celebration Pack₹399.00 ₹304.002 g
57attitude™ Crème Lipstick Caramel Nude – Celebration Pack₹309.00₹236.002 g
58attitude™ Nail Enamel Champagne Pop – Celebration Pack₹179.00₹137.006 ml
59attitude™ Matte Lipstick Sangria – Celebration Pack₹399.00₹304.00 6 ml
60attitude™ Matte Lipstick Rosy Nude – Celebration Pack₹399.00₹304.00 6 ml
61attitude™ Nail Enamel Red Carnival – Celebration Pack₹179.00₹137.00 6 ml
62attitude™ Nail Enamel Pink Confetti – Celebration Pack ₹179.00 ₹137.00 6 ml
63attitude™ Crème Lipstick Mild Mauve – Celebration Pack₹309.00 ₹236.002 g
64attitude™ Be Bright Face Wash₹349.00₹286.00100 ml
65attitude™ Be Bright Night Cream₹549.00₹448.0050g
66attitude™ Sharpener₹99.00₹81.001N
67attitude™ Crème Lipstick Lavender Hues₹299.00₹228.002 g
68attitude™ Crème Lipstick Silky Red ₹299.00 ₹228.00 2 g
69attitude™ Matte Lipstick Brown Cookie₹389.00₹297.00 2 g
70attitude™ Matte Lipstick Bubblegum Pink₹389.00 ₹297.00 2 g
71attitude™ Sunscreen Cream₹449.00 ₹367.00100g
72attitude™ Be Bright Herbals 2-in-1 Scrub and Mask₹749.00₹577.00100 g
73attitude™ Be Bright Herbals Day Cream₹575.00₹438.0050g
74attitude™ Be Bright Herbals Face Wash₹365.00₹278.00100 ml
75attitude™ Be Bright Herbals Face Wash- 25% Extra₹365.00₹278.00125 ml
76attitude™ Matte Lipstick Royal Red₹389.00 ₹297.002 g
77attitude™ Be Bright Herbals Night Cream₹575.00₹438.0050g
78attitude™ Crème Lipstick Blush Nude₹299.00 ₹228.00 2 g
79attitude™ Crème Lipstick Hot Pink₹299.00  ₹228.00  2 g
80attitude™ Kajal Eyeliner Pencil ₹415.00₹340.001.2 g
81attitude™ Matte Lipstick Caramel Toffee₹389.00₹297.002 g
82attitude™ Crème Lipstick Divine Mocha ₹299.00₹228.002 g
83attitude™ Eyeliner₹599.00₹461.00 3 ml
84attitude™ Clear Activ Pimple Control Face Wash₹349.00₹286.00100 ml
85attitude™ Clear Activ Pimple Control Spot Corrector₹399.00₹325.009 g
86attitude™ Eye Shadow₹699.00₹533.001.2g (6 shades)
87attitude™ Blusher Duo₹599.00₹457.001N(2g)
88attitude™ Lipstick Travel Pack ₹999.00₹762.00 6 shades
89attitude™ Nail Enamel Light Mahogany₹169.00₹129.006 ml
90attitude™ Nail Enamel Rosewood Pink₹169.00₹129.00 6 ml
91attitude™ Nail Enamel Delicate Pink ₹169.00 ₹129.00 6 ml
92attitude™ Nail Enamel Cool Mint₹169.00₹129.00 6 ml
93attitude™ Nail Enamel Dazzling Gold ₹169.00 ₹129.00 6 ml
94attitude™ Nail Enamel Scarlet Red ₹169.00 ₹129.00 6 ml
95attitude™ Matte Lipstick Brick Coral₹389.00₹297.002 g
96attitude™ De-Tan Herbals Facial Kit ₹1,699.00₹1,309.0075ml/100g
97attitude™ Insta Nourish Herbals Gel Cream₹560.00₹431.0045g
98attitude™ Insta Nourish Herbals Creamy Face Wash₹365.00₹281.00100 ml
99attitude™ Insta Nourish Herbals Gel Face Wash₹365.00₹281.00100 ml
100attitude™ Insta Nourish Herbals Rich Cream₹560.00₹431.00 45g
101attitude™ Incredibly Aloe Body Butter₹860.00₹681.00200g
102attitude™ Incredibly Aloe Body Butter₹799.00₹653.00200g
103ARTISTRY™ Intensive Skin Care Renewing Peel ₹4,149.00 ₹3,390.0020 ml
104ARTISTRY™ Exact Fit Long Wearing Foundation (Buff)₹3,099.00₹2,532.00 30 ml
105ARTISTRY™ YOUTH XTEND Enriching Cream₹4,239.00₹3,464.0050g
106ARTISTRY™ Ideal Radiance Illuminating Essence₹4,949.00₹4,045.0030 ml
107ARTISTRY™ YOUTH XTEND Enriching Eye Cream₹2,699.00₹2,206.0015 ml
108ARTISTRY™ Exact Fit Perfecting Loose Powder (Light) (Fair)₹3,999.00₹3,269.0025 g
109ARTISTRY™ YOUTH XTEND Ultra Lifting Essence Concentrate₹6,599.00₹5,392.0030 ml
110ARTISTRY™ YOUTH XTEND Ultra-Lifting Eye Serum Concentrate₹4,200.00₹3,432.0015 ml
111ARTISTRY™ Intensive Skincare Advanced Vitamin C + HA Formula₹5,829.00₹4,446.0012 ml
112ARTISTRY™ Exact Fit Perfecting Loose Powder (Medium)₹3,999.00₹3,269.0025 g
113ARTISTRY SIGNATURE SELECT™ Anti-Wrinkle Amplifier₹2,599.00₹1,982.002 ml
114ARTISTRY SIGNATURE SELECT™ Base Serum₹2,999.00₹2,287.0024 ml
115ARTISTRY SIGNATURE SELECT™ Brightening Amplifier₹2,599.00₹1,982.002 ml
116ARTISTRY SIGNATURE SELECT™ Firming Amplifier₹3,599.00₹2,745.002 ml
117ARTISTRY SIGNATURE SELECT™ Hydration Amplifier₹2,599.00₹1,982.002 ml
118ARTISTRY SIGNATURE SELECT™ Spot Corrector Amplifier₹3,399.00₹2,592.002 ml
119ARTISTRY™ Essentials Moisture Intense Masque₹1,499.00₹1,225.00100 ml
120ARTISTRY™ Ideal Radiance Spot Corrector₹3,149.00₹2,574.00 15g
121ARTISTRY™ Exact Fit Long Wearing Foundation (Soleil)₹3,099.00₹2,532.0030 ml
122ARTISTRY™ YOUTH XTEND Enriching Lotion₹4,239.00₹3,464.0050 ml
123ARTISTRY™ YOUTH XTEND Protecting Cream₹4,239.00₹3,464.0050g
124ARTISTRY™ YOUTH XTEND Protecting Lotion₹4,239.00 ₹3,464.00 50 ml
125ARTISTRY™ YOUTH XTEND Serum Concentrate₹4,789.00₹3,914.0030 ml
126ARTISTRY™ YOUTH XTEND Ultra Lifting Cream₹6,099.00₹4,985.00 50 ml
127attitude™ Compact Powder Light₹699.00 ₹571.009 g
128attitude™ Compact Powder Medium₹699.00 ₹571.009 g
129Essentials by ARTISTRY™ Creamy Massage₹1,649.00₹1,258.00100g
130Essentials by ARTISTRY™ Gel Cleanser₹1,295.00₹987.00125 ml
131Essentials by ARTISTRY™ Light Lotion₹1,239.00₹945.0050 ml
132Essentials by ARTISTRY™ Multi-protect Lotion₹1,449.00₹1,105.00 50 ml
133Essentials by ARTISTRY™ Polishing Scrub₹1,499.00 ₹1,105.00  50 ml
134attitude™ Lipstick Travel Pack ₹999.00₹762.006 s

Amway Personal Care Products Price List

135attitude™ Deodorant Divine₹285.00₹217.00150 ml
136Deo Style On The Go (Pack of 5)₹750.00₹578.0075 ml * 5
137Dynamite 3 in 1 Shower Gel₹285.00₹230.00250 ml
138Dynamite Deodorant Phoenix₹285.00 ₹217.00150 ml
139Dynamite Foaming Face Wash₹289.00₹233.00150 ml
140Dynamite Hair Cream₹250.00₹202.00100 g
141Dynamite Refill Cartridges (Pack of 4)₹900.00₹726.00 Blades – 4 N
142Dynamite Shaving Foam₹285.00₹230.00200 ml
143Dynamite Shaving System (1 Handle + 5N Blades)₹1,200.00₹969.00Handles – 1 N, Blades – 5 N
144DYNAMITE™ Deodorant Falcon₹285.00₹217.00150 ml
145DYNAMITE™ Deodorant Viking₹285.00₹217.00 150 ml
146G&H Nourish+ Body Lotion₹440.00₹359.00250 ml
147G&H Nourish+ Body Lotion₹140.00₹107.0060 ml
148G&H Nourish+ Body Lotion 2₹440.00₹359.00250 ml
149G&H Nourish+ Body Lotion 2₹140.00 ₹107.00 60 ml
150G&H Refresh+ Body Wash – Gel₹440.00₹359.00250 ml
151G&H Refresh+ Body Wash – Gel 2₹440.00₹359.00 250 ml
152G&H Refresh+ Body Wash – Gel ₹140.00₹107.00 60 ml
153G&H Refresh+ Body Wash – Gel 2₹140.00 ₹107.00  60 ml
154Glister Advanced Toothbrush₹300.00₹229.00(Pack of 4)
155Glister™ Kids Toothpaste₹199.00₹152.00100g
156Glister™ Multi Action Toothpaste₹270.00₹206.00190 g
157Glister™ Multi-Action Toothpaste Herbals₹295.00 ₹225.00 190g
158Glister™ Oral Care Essentials Kit₹352.00₹271.00
159Junior Toothbrush ₹120.00₹98.004
160Persona 100% Pure Coconut Oil ₹229.00₹198.00 500 ml
161Persona Amla Hair Oil₹106.00 ₹84.00200 ml
162Persona Amla Hair Oil ₹80.00₹65.00 200 ml
163Persona Beauty Cream Bathing Bar₹171.00₹132.0075 G X 3 = 225 G
164Persona Classic Family Toothbrush ₹58.00₹45.00Pack of 2
165Persona Classic Family Toothbrush₹52.00 ₹42.00 Pack of 2
166Persona Cream Moisturizing Soap ₹153.00₹125.00 Pack of 3
167Persona Cream Moisturizing Soap₹166.00 ₹131.00 Pack of 3
168Persona Germ Protection & Moisturizing Hand Wash₹265.00₹202.00 250 ml
169Persona Glycerin Aloe Vera Bathing Bar₹125.00₹96.00Pack of 3
170Persona Glycerin Aloe Vera Bathing Bar₹120.00₹92.00Pack of 3
171Persona Hand Sanitizer 500 ml₹250.00₹203.00500 ml
172Persona Talc₹215.00₹175.00350 g
173Persona Talc ₹145.00₹118.00200 g
174SATINIQUE™ 2-in-1 Shampoo & Conditioner₹460.00₹376.00 250 ml
175SATINIQUE™ 2-in-1 Shampoo & Conditioner Sachets₹7.00₹5.0030 Sachets
176Satinique™ 2in1 Shampoo & Conditioner 250 ML₹460.00₹376.00250 ml
177SATINIQUE™ Anti Dandruff Shampoo ₹460.00 ₹376.00 250 ml
178Satinique™ Anti Dandruff Shampoo 250 ML ₹460.00 ₹376.00 250 ml
179SATINIQUE™ Anti Dandruff Shampoo Sachets ₹7.00 ₹5.00 30 Sachets
180SATINIQUE™ Glossy Repair Conditioner ₹460.00 ₹376.00 250 ml
181Satinique™ Glossy Repair Conditioner 250ML₹460.00₹376.00  250 ml
182SATINIQUE™ Glossy Repair Shampoo₹460.00₹376.00250 ml
183Satinique™ Glossy Repair Shampoo 250ML₹460.00 ₹376.00250 ml
184SATINIQUE™ Hairfall Control Shampoo₹460.00₹376.00 250 ml
185SATINIQUE™ Hairfall Control Shampoo₹497.00₹393.00250 ml
186Satinique™ Hairfall Control Shampoo 250ML₹460.00₹376.00250 ml
187SATINIQUE™ Hairfall Control Shampoo Sachets ₹7.00₹5.00 30 Sachets
188SATINIQUE™ Revitalizing Hair Mask ₹450.00₹368.00150 g
189SATINIQUE™ Revitalizing Hair Mask  ₹450.00 ₹368.00 150 g
190SATINIQUE™ Scalp Tonic₹1,590.00₹1,300.0080 ml

Amway Home and Living Products Price List

191Amway Home Fruit and Veggie Wash₹249.00 ₹201.00 500 ml
192Amway home SA8™ Liquid Concentrated Laundry Detergent₹956.00₹757.001 Ltr
193Amway Queen 3 piece Se₹16,800.00₹14,286.003N
194Amway Queen 7 ply WOK and LID₹23,500.00₹17,400.001 each
195Amway Queen Large Sauté Pan₹9,200.00₹7,823.001N
196Amway Safety Kit₹2,263.00₹1,621.005 N
197Amway™ Car Wash Concentrated Liquid₹307.00₹243.00500 ml
198Amway™ Car Wash Concentrated Liquid ₹285.00₹232.00500 ml
199Amway™ Dispensers (Home Care Dispenser)₹46.00₹38.00 1 L
200Amway™ Dispensers (Home Care Dispenser)₹46.00₹38.00500 ml
201Amway™ Dispensers (Pour & Measure Cap)₹45.00₹37.0015 ml
202Amway™ Home Dish Drops Concentrated Dishwashing Liquid₹696.00₹551.001 L
203Amway™ Home Dish Drops Concentrated Dishwashing Liquid₹645.00₹527.001 L
204Amway™ Home Dish Drops Concentrated Dishwashing Liquid ₹381.00₹311.00500 ml
205Amway™ Home Dish Drops Concentrated Dishwashing Liquid₹160.00 ₹131.00 200 ml
206Amway™ Home L.O.C. Concentrated Multi-purpose Cleaner ₹494.00₹403.001 L
207Amway™ Home L.O.C. Concentrated Multi-purpose Cleaner₹125.00₹103.00200 ml
208Amway™ Home L.O.C. Concentrated Multi-purpose Cleaner₹300.00₹245.00500 ml
209Amway™ Home SA8™ Delicate Concentrated Liquid Laundry Detergent₹460.00 ₹376.00500 ml
210Amway™ Home SA8™ Liquid Concentrated Laundry Detergent₹520.00₹425.00500 ml
211Amway™ Pursue Disinfectant Cleaner₹299.00₹244.00 500 ml
212Amway™ Queen Cookware Set₹30,000.00₹24,554.005 piece
213Amway™ Silicone Glaze Auto Polish₹555.00₹454.00500 ml
214Amway Atmosphere Drive Base Unit₹15,470.00₹11,799.001 N
215Amway Atmosphere Drive Power Cord₹806.00₹614.001 N
216Amway Atmosphere Drive™ Car Air Purifier₹30,000.00₹22,881.001 N
217Amway Atmosphere Drive™ Replacement Filter₹6,000.00₹4,576.001 N
218Amway Atmosphere Mini Power Adapter₹3,500.00₹2,373.001 N
219Amway Atmosphere Mini™ Air Purifier₹60,000.00₹26,270.001 N
220Amway Atmosphere Mini™ Air Purifier + 1 replacement filter ₹60,000.00₹42,372.001 N
221Amway Atmosphere Mini™ Replacement Filter₹7,999.00 ₹6,144.001N
222Amway Dish Drops Concentrated Dish Washing Liquid 1.33 L ₹710.00₹577.001.33 L
223Amway Dispenser Squeeze Bottle₹19.00₹15.00500 ml
224Amway iGear UV Disinfection Bag₹2,999.00₹2,118.001 N
225Amway L.O.C. Concentrated Multipurpose Cleaner 1.33 L₹550.00₹443.001.33 L
226Amway Pistol Grip Sprayer₹30.00₹23.00 1N
227Amway Pursue Disinfectant 5L₹2,079.00₹1,698.00
228Amway SA8 Concentrated Laundry Detergent 1.33 L ₹970.00₹793.001.33 L
229Amway SA8™ Liquid Concentrated Laundry Detergent₹885.00₹723.00 1 L
230Amway SA8™ Liquid Concentrated Laundry Detergent(200 ml)₹210.00₹172.00200 ml
231Amway Spaces Antibacterial 100% Cotton Double Bedsheet Ice Blue₹3,495.00 ₹1,249.001 N
232Amway Spaces Antibacterial 100% Cotton Double Bedsheet Navy₹3,495.00₹1,249.001 N
233Amway Spaces Antibacterial 100% Cotton Double Bedsheet White & Blue₹3,495.00₹1,249.001 N
234Amway Turret Top₹10.00₹8.001 N
235Amway Wildcraft Set of 5 Masks by Amway ₹1,200.00 ₹771.005N
236Amway Zoom Concentrate 500ML₹280.00₹229.00 500 ml
237Amway Zoom Concentrate 500ML₹304.00 ₹240.00500 ml

Amway Agriculture Products Price List

238Amway™ Apsa-80 ₹786.00₹622.00500 ml
239Amway™ Apsa-80₹726.00₹593.00 500 ml
240Amway™ Apsa-80₹5,045.00₹4,122.005 L
241Amway™ Apsa-80₹1,276.00₹1,010.001 L
242Amway™ Apsa-80₹1,183.00₹966.00 1 L
243Amway™ Apsa-80₹5,441.00₹4,309.005 L
244Ollivaando Olive Pomace Oil₹799.00₹733.001 L

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