Azure DevOps Certification: Learning Path and Syllabus

Microsoft Azure is continuously bagging the spot as one of the top-notch cloud providers in the world. It holds a massive customer base leading to a heavy demand for knowledgeable and certified Azure professionals. Yes, you’ve read it correctly! Azure offers numerous credentials to recognize the knowledge and skills of Azure experts. Since the candidates require preparing for and taking a challenging exam to get certified, these accreditations have tremendous respect among recruiters.

Azure DevOps Certification

The Azure DevOps certification has a significant position in the cloud landscape among all Microsoft credentials. If you practice DevOps on Azure or are willing to learn Azure DevOps, this certification is the best destination to begin your journey. However, adequate information and preparation can simplify becoming a certified DevOps professional. But you don’t have to worry anymore!

This article is all you need to prepare and become a certified Azure DevOps expert. As the leading online learning platform, Simplilearn provides a step-by-step guide to passing the Azure DevOps certification exam. Below you will find everything required to get excellent scores in the challenging DevOps test, from the syllabus to the learning path.

An Overview of Azure DevOps Certification

One of the newest role-based Azure credentials, Azure DevOps, is a certification at the expert level. Candidates who pass the corresponding exam are recognized as Microsoft Certified: Azure DevOps Engineer Experts. Candidates for the Azure DevOps certification are anticipated to be experts in DevOps development approaches.

Exam AZ-400: Microsoft DevOps Solutions is the test connected to the Azure DevOps Certification. This exam tests the candidates’ ability to develop and leverage various DevOps strategies in Azure.

If the description sounds interesting, this certification is right for you! So, without further ado, let’s walk through its learning path and syllabus.

Syllabus for Azure DevOps Certification

Understanding its syllabus is the classic and sure-shot way to prepare for any certification exam. Since the Microsoft Azure DevOps credential is an advanced-level exam, it’s better to fully comprehend what you need to know before starting. Below is a detailed discussion of the Azure DevOps exam syllabus for reference.

  • Communication and process configuration (10-15%)
    – Configure  flow of work and activity traceability
    – Configure communication and collaboration
  • Design and apply source control (15-20%)
    – Design and use a plan for source control
    – Plan and leverage source code branching strategies
    – Configure and manage repositories
  • Design and apply build and release pipelines (40-45%)
    – Design and leverage pipeline automation
    – Design and use a package management strategy
    – Design and leverage pipelines
    – Design and leverage deployments
    – Design and use infrastructure as code (IaC)
    – Pipeline maintenance
  • Develop a compliance and security roadmap (10-15%)
    – Design and use a plan for sensitive information management in automation
    – Automate the scanning processes for security and compliance
  • Leverage an instrumentation plan (10-15%)
    – Configure DevOps environment monitoring
    – Analyze key metrics

Learning Path You’ll Need to Follow

The Azure DevOps certification expects you to have familiarity with Azure before writing the exam. So, it’s always better to follow a strategic path to understand the advanced concepts discussed in the DevOps test.

Are you planning to appear for the Azure DevOps certification exam? If yes, take a step back and consider the following learning path to ensure passing the test and successfully grasping the concepts.

Step 1: Robustify your Microsoft Azure fundamentals: AZ-900

Let’s consider you are a beginner in Azure. You can only take up expert-level DevOps concepts with the slightest idea of how rudimentary things work and collaborate to provide an end-to-end solution in Azure.

Before taking the DevOps exam, please familiarize yourself with the core concepts of cloud computing and how to implement them on Azure by getting your hands on the Azure fundamentals. Furthermore, you will learn more about Azure services, support, pricing, compliance, privacy, and security.

Apart from learning the fundamental aspects, you can simultaneously prepare for the AZ-900 exam, Microsoft Azure Fundamentals. It will endorse your basic knowledge while appending your certification portfolio.

Step 2: Prepare for Microsoft Azure Administrator Certification: AZ-104

Once you have grasped the fundamental-level concepts, it’s time to upgrade to practitioner-level knowledge. Preparing for the Azure Administrator certification is the best choice for this purpose.

You’ll learn how to implement, manage, monitor, and log identity, governance, compute, storage, and virtual networks in a cloud environment through the exam experience. You can provision, scale, monitor, and modify resources as necessary in your capacity as an Azure administrator.

Finally, you can validate the knowledge gained by taking and passing the AZ-104 certification exam.

Step 3: Microsoft Certified Azure Developer Associate: AZ-204

After acquiring administrator-level knowledge in Azure, you can move to learn the Azure development concepts. The best way to understand the subtle development aspects of the platform is by taking up the AZ-204 exam roadmap. While preparing for this credential, you will qualify for the more challenging DevOps certification.

You will gain knowledge of Azure compute solutions, Azure storage, Azure functions, implementation of authorization and authentication, and securing solutions using Key Vault and Managed Identities as part of the Microsoft Azure Developer Associate preparation. The students will learn how to use event-based and message-based models in their solutions and how to connect to and leverage various Azure components and services from other providers.

Step 4: Microsoft Certified DevOps Engineer Expert: AZ-400

The previous certifications and exam preparation will hone you enough to understand the advanced aspects discussed in the DevOps engineering courses. Now, you must master the concepts of both DevOps and Azure and develop skills in instrumentation strategy, SRE Strategy, designing security and compliance plans, implementing Azure service fabric, and integrating Azure pipelines to pass the challenging exam.


You are on the right track if Azure DevOps is on your bucket list. All you need is consistency with immense learning and hands-on practice on Azure. You can walk through all the above steps or choose the best one according to your expertise in Microsoft Azure. Finally, schedule the exam in advance and accelerate your preparation for the test by enrolling in a reputed course.

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