QNET India Products Price List 2023 [Daily Update]

Qnet Products Price List 2023


Hello everyone, Here we are sharing a complete price list of QNET India. Along with the link to download a Qnet Products Price list PDF at the end of the article. Qnet is a global direct-selling or Network Marketing Company that offers a diverse range of premium products category under Health and wellness, home and living, watches and jewelry, and personal and beauty care products that are among the best money can buy.

Qnet India Products Price List 2023

Before going further in the Qnet India Products Price List let’s talk about Qnet Company Profile.

Qnet Company Profile

Company ProfileQNET
Company Registered Name in IndiaVihaan Direct Selling Pvt Ltd known as Qnet India
Date of Registration10 Oct, 2011
CIN No Qnet IndiaU52399KA2011PTC060730
QNET India DirectorsQNET India Customer Care Number
QNET India Head OficeMumbai, Maharashtra, India
QNET India ProductsHome and Living 
Health and Wellness 
Personal Care and Beauty 
Watches and Jewellery
QNET India Websitewww.qnet-india.in
QNET India Coustomer Care Number+91 888 063 2532

Qnet India Company Introduction

Qnet Ltd, formerly known as QuestNet and GoldQuest, is a Hong Kong-based multi-level marketing or direct selling company owned by the QI Group. QNet was founded in 1998 by Vijay Eswaran and Joseph Bismark. Qnet India Products Price List offers a wide range of health, wellness, and lifestyle products that enable people to lead better lives.

In India, QNet operates through a franchisee company called Vihaan Direct Selling that supports and empower about 3,00,000 entrepreneurs in the country to transform their lives through its products, and border-less business opportunity.

Qnet India Products Category

Home and Living Products

  • HomePure
  • MyHomePlus

Health and Wellness Products

  • Nutriplus

Personal Care and Beauty Products

  • BioSilver

Watches and Jewellery Products

  • MUGNIER® – Watches – Semper Collection
  • MUGNIER® – Watches – Invictus Collection
  • MUGNIER® – Watches – Mode Collection
  • Chairos Signature
  • Chairos
  • Bernhard H. Mayer® – Watches – Classic
  • Kinnari Premium Jewellery

Qnet India Products Price List

Qnet Health & Wellness Products

S.NoProduct NamePriceS&HRSPBV
1Qnet Nutriplus Monofloral Honey-Sheesham 500g x 3351050025
2Qnet Nutriplus Monofloral Honey-Coriander 500g x 3351050025
3Qnet Nutriplus Monofloral Honey-Moringa 1000g x 3644070050
4Qnet Nutriplus Monofloral Honey-Sheesham 1000g x 3644070050
5Qnet Nutriplus Monofloral Honey-Coriander 1000g x 3644070050
6Qnet Nutriplus Monofloral Honey-Moringa 500g x 3351050025
7Qnet Nutriplus Monofloral Honey-Karanj 500g351050025
8Qnet Nutriplus Monofloral Honey-Mustard 500g351050025
9Qnet Nutriplus Monofloral Honey-Mustard 1000g644070050
10Qnet Nutriplus InOcean – Duo Pack529015050
11Qnet Nutriplus InOcean (Single pack)274015025
12Qnet Nutriplus DailyHealth Duo Pack Get 1 FREE245015025
13Qnet Nutriplus Family Wellness Pack 95395011001000
14Qnet Nutriplus Family Wellness Pack 75390011001000
15Qnet Nutriplus Family Wellness Pack 65785012501000
16Qnet Nutriplus Family Wellness Pack 45780012501000
17Qnet Nutriplus Family Wellness Pack 3624701700600
18Qnet Nutriplus Family Wellness Pack 1644201500600
19Qnet NutriPlus LivHealth309015025
20Qnet Nutriplus Gut Health Duo Pack520015050
21Qnet Nutriplus Gut Health271015025
22Qnet Nutriplus ImmunHealth239015025
23Qnet Nutriplus ImmunHealth – Duo Pack462015050
24Qnet Nutriplus GoodHealth Combo11020500150
25Qnet Nutriplus Virgin Coconut Oil Basic Pack257015025
26Qnet Nutriplus Qafe239015025
27Qnet Nutriplus Qafe Duo pack458030050
28Qnet Nutriplus Celesteal Rose Tea x 2200015025
29Qnet Nutriplus Celesteal Kahwa Tea x 2200015025
30Qnet Nutriplus Celesteal Apple Cinnamon Tea x 2200015025
31Qnet Nutriplus Celesteal Renew247015025
32Qnet Nutriplus Celesteal Revive267015025
33Qnet Nutriplus DiabaHealth198015025
34Qnet Nutriplus Nature Diabahealth Duo Pack380015050
35Qnet Nutriplus Fibrefit Single Box208015025
36Qnet Nutriplus Fibrefit Duo Pack387015050
37Qnet Nutriplus Bone Health Basic Pack213015025
38Qnet Nutriplus Skin Health213015025
39Qnet Nutriplus Natose Basic Pack213015025

Qnet Home and Living Products

S.NoProduct NamePriceS&HRSPBV
1Qnet HomePure Prefilter 1-mc5830700050
2Qnet HomePure NovaSoft – Starter Set23,380700150
3Qnet HomePure Complete Water Filtration Combo133,5002,1002000
4Qnet HomePure Zayn69,95010001000
5Qnet Festive Combo 7120,70028002000
6Qnet Festive Combo 5120,7002,6002000
7Qnet MyHomePlus HomeGym314,1107,5005000
8Qnet MyHomePlus DELIGHT Alkaline Nano Water Purifier38,2702000500
9Qnet MyHomePlus KNIGHT Alkaline RO Water Purifier38,6702000500
10Qnet MyHomePlus DSG x 359,5007501000
11Qnet MyHomePlus SHARP SmartAir Air Purifier43,6701500500
12Qnet Festive Combo 864,49025001000
13Qnet Festive Combo 11183,60057003000
14Qnet Festive Combo 9183,60056003000
15Qnet Festive Combo 1119,29033002000
16Qnet MyHomePlus KENT Smart Alkaline Water purifier39,3402000500
17Qnet MyHomePlus SHARP Zensational Air Purifier x 2194,40060003000
18Qnet MyHomePlus KENT Smart Alkaline Water purifier x 276,70030001000
19Qnet MyHomePlus SHARP Zensational Air Purifier97,62030001500
20Qnet Oritsu White Lotus119,60027502000
21Qnet Oritsu Water Lily119,60027502000
22Qnet Oritsu Royal Petals122,60027502000
23Qnet Oritsu Zinnia (34-piece Dinner Set)120,50027502000
24Qnet Oritsu Sultan Crown (17-piece Tea Set)33,5802000500
25Qnet Oritsu Zinnia (17-piece Tea Set)33,5802000500
26Qnet Oritsu Amaryllis (17-piece Tea Set)33,5802000500
27Qnet Oritsu Royal Leaf (21-piece Dinner Set)64,70027501000
28Qnet Oritsu Aristo (21-piece Dinner Set)64,70027501000
29Qnet Oritsu Iris (21-piece Dinner Set)64,70027501000
30Qnet Oritsu Amaryllis (34-piece Dinner Set)120,50027502000
31Qnet Oritsu Euphoria (71-piece Dinner & Tea Set)174,60045003000
32Qnet Oritsu Grandeur (71-piece Dinner & Tea Set)174,60045003000
33Qnet Oritsu Mystique (54-piece Dinner Set)113,45037502000
34Qnet Oritsu Platina (47-piece Dinner & Tea Set)89,90030001500
35Qnet Oritsu Glitz (30-piece Dinner Set)62,9002.7501000
36Qnet Oritsu Blossom (30- piece Dinner Set)62,90027501000
37Qnet Oritsu Rhaya red (71-piece Dinner & Tea Set)174,60045003000
38Qnet Oritsu Mosaic (47-piece Dinner & Tea Set)89,90030001500
39Qnet Oritsu Sultan crown (54-piece Dinner Set)113,45037502000

Qnet Personal Care & Beauty

S.NoProduct NamePriceS&HRSPBV
1Qnet BioSilver 22 Gel 100ml330015025
2Qnet BioSilver 22 Gel DUO Pack634015050

Qnet Watches & Jewellery

S.NoProduct NamePriceS&HRSPBV
1Qnet Mugnier Semper Treille Automatic Ladies Watch179,7007503000
2Qnet Mugnier Invictus Mavros Watch111,8007502000
3Qnet Mugnier Invictus Bleue Ladies Watch110,8007502000
4Qnet Mugnier Mode Pardus Watch111,3007502000
5Qnet Mugnier Mode Cinetique Ladies Watch109,6007502000
6Qnet Chairos Signature Opus Couple SS175,0007503000
7Qnet Chairos Signature Opus Couple GP176,0007503000
8Qnet CHAIROS Harmonie Couple Watch84,6507501500
9Qnet CHAIROS Amia Couple Watch84,6507501500
10Qnet CHAIROS Onyx MS118,8007502000
11Qnet CHAIROS Onyx LS118,8007502000
12Qnet CHAIROS BlueStone LS118,8007502000
13Qnet CHAIROS BlueStone SS119,8007502000
14Qnet Chairos Twilight LS64,9507501000
15Qnet Chairos Sprint Ladies65,8507501000
16Qnet Chairos Alpha LS66,9507501000
17Qnet Chairos Twilight MS64,9507501000
18Qnet Chairos Desire64,8507501000
19Qnet Chairos Torque Ladies64,8507501000
20Chairos Torque Gents64,4507501000
21Qnet Chairos Lilac MS64,4507501000
22Qnet Chairos Emerald LS65,9507501000
23Qnet Chairos Alpha SS66,9507501000
24Qnet Chairos Sniper65,9507501000
25Qnet Chairos Lilac LS64,4507501000
26Qnet Chairos Sprint Gents66,4507501000
27Qnet CHAIROS CHRONO+ BLUE65,8507501000
28Qnet CHAIROS VOYAGER65,8507501000
29Qnet CHAIROS CHRONO+65,8507501000
30Qnet CHAIROS Florette SS63,9507501000
31Qnet CHAIROS Florette GP64,9507501000
32Qnet Chairos Azure Gents66,3807501000
33Qnet Chairos Azure Ladies65,9507501000
34Qnet Chairos Amore Couple Watch114,3807502000
35Qnet Chairos Latitude SS89,7207501500
36Qnet Chairos Latitude LS88,3507501500
37Qnet Chairos Silver Mist Gents64,9507501000
38Qnet Chairos Silver Mist Ladies64,3607501000
39Qnet Chairos Alpine Neo SS64,9407501000
40Qnet Chairos Alpine Neo LS63,8507501000
41Qnet Chairos Aquatica SS66,2707501000
42Qnet Chairos Crusader SS112,3507502000
43Qnet Chairos Crusader LS watch106,3507502000
44Qnet Chairos Aquatica Watch – Leather Strap64,4507501000
45Qnet Chairos Wizard SS (Gents Watch)32,370750500
46Qnet Chairos Wizard GP (Gents Watch)31,120750500
47Qnet Chairos Diva (Ladies Watch)29,980750500
48Qnet Chairos Starlet (Ladies Watch)29,980750500
49Qnet Chairos Silver Mist Gents and Ladies Watch Combo128,50015002000
50Qnet Aquatica Leather Strap Watch + CHAIROS Crusader LS watch169,80015003000
51Qnet Chairos Latitude SS + Chairos Latitude LS177,9007503000
52Qnet Dazzling Combo 1 (Alpine Neo LS + Crusader SS)171,80014003000
53Qnet Dazzling Combo 4 (Aqutica SS + Diva Ladies + Kent)133,40033002000
54Qnet Dazzling Combo 9 (Florette GP + Amore Couple)174,90014003000
55Qnet BHM Mecanique Watch-Rose Gold208,80007503000
56Qnet Kinnari Nila125,6507502000
57Qnet Kinnari Utara198,0007503000
58Qnet Kinnari Ayana125,6507502000
59Qnet Kinnari Mihika198,0007503000

Note : All QNET products are assigned with Business Volume (BV) and Repeat Sales Points (RSP). BV is used to qualify Tracking Centres (TC) and calculate Step Commissions whilst RSP are used to earn commissions from the RSP Plan. You and your active referrer up to nine (9) levels will benefit from the RSP of your product purchases.

Qnet Products Price List PDF Download

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