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It is essential for any MLM company to know completeness for network marketing. some MLM Companies come into the market but after some time they leave the market.

The company we will talk about today rests in the market by providing confidence to its customers and distributors.

This post will give you information about rcm business, rcm products, rcm business plan, rcm company profile, rcm business login, and rcm business app.

RCM Company Details | RCM Business Details

RCM is a direct selling company that works by selling products in India.

RCM Business Details and Information
RCM Business Details

Rcm Business has been working in India for almost many years, this company has made its dominance in the market after facing some difficulties. Today this company is one of the oldest network marketing companies in India.

The full form of RCM is the right concept for marketing. This company comes under fashion suiting Pvt limited.

RCM company was first registered in 1998 under ROC-Jaipur, this company started its MLM plan in the year 2000.Rcm business manufactures many of its products in India which include beauty products, health products, herbal products, nutrition

The number of people working in RCM company day by day because this company is very old in the market with a good business plan.

RCM Company Profile | RCM Business Company Profile

Company Registered Name :Fashion Suitings Pvt. Ltd
Date of Registration :11 April 1988
CIN No :U18108RJ1988PTC004383
RCM Head Office :Fashion Suitings Pvt. Ltd. Spl – 6, RCM World, RIICO Growth Centre, Post – Swaroopganj, Via – Hamirgarh , Bhilwara (Rajasthan) – 311025
RCM Official Website : https://www.rcmbusiness.com/
RCM Business Profile
  • The full name of RCM is rcm private limited.
  • Rcm was established in the year 1998 by trilok chand chobra.
  • RCM direct selling was first started in 1959 in America.
  • The head office of RCM is located in bhilwara, rajasthan
  • RCM business is registered under MCA.

How to join RCM Business

To join RCM company, you can adopt both online and offline medium.

Through offline medium, you can easily join by getting an agent or registering.To join Rcm business online way, you have to get registered in thebusinessny, for which you will need some documents.

RCM Company Online Registration Documents

  • Adhar card
  • Pancard
  • Sponsor id
  • Bank statement
  • Bank empty check

RCM Company Expansion

  • This company has more than 8000 stores in India
  • There are more than 2 crore director sellers with rcm company
  • RCM company does the work of making and selling more than 500 products.
  • RCM’s product can be used by any class of people
  • RCM company has more than 120 depots
  • RCM company works in almost all the states of India

RCM Business Plan | RCM Business Marketing Plan

RCM business plan We will know how this company runs its business program.

You can join this company through online or offline medium for free.After joining Rcm, you have to buy a product worth Rs 1000, after that the company starts considering you as a good distributor.

The business plan of rcm company is quite easy, if you add any person to rcm company and that person buys a thousand or more products from the company, then you will get some income from the company. We have explained the income plan of RCM further.

You can make income from the business plan of RCM company as follows

  • By adding people in RCM company
  • Using the product
  • Selling the company’s products on a large network
  • Recruiting

By adding people to RCM company – You can also earn by adding people to this company. First of all, you have to buy any product worth thousand rupees, then you will have to take another person in your team and he will have to introduce the product.

By using the product of Rcm company – If you cannot add people to this company then you can also purchase their product.

Selling the company’s products on a large network – You can sell the company’s product on a large network by taking the company’s product at a wholesale price, you can sell the company’s product by making a big branch.

By Recruiting – RCM direct seller has to do recruitment in which direct seller has to add others like himself in the company as direct disciple You will earn only when the person you add will buy the product.

RCM Income plan | RCM Business Income Plan

The income currency in RCM is called BV i.e. business volume. The income plan of RCM is quite simple. In this company, you earn income on product selling and recruitment.

There are three types of income in RCM

  • Performance Bonus Income
  • Royalty Bonus Income

RCM Performance Income

In this income, you get BV points on product purchase or selling, with the help of which you can make good income, but to get these points, you have to follow some conditions.

  • If you complete 5000 BV then you are given a performance bonus of 10% by the company
  • If you complete 10,000BV then you are given a performance bonus of 12% by the company
  • If you complete the selling of 20,000BV, then the company gives you a performance bonus of 14%
  • If you complete 40,000BV then you are given a performance bonus of 16.5% by the company
  • If you complete 70,000BV then the company gives you a performance bonus of 19%
  • If you complete 1,15,000BV then the company gives you a performance bonus of 21.5
  • If you complete 1,70,000BV then the company gives you a performance bonus of 24%
  • If you complete 2,60,000BV then the company gives you a performance bonus of 26.5%
  • If you complete more than 3,50,000 BV then the company gives you a performance bonus of 24%

Suppose you are a direct seller of rcm company and you make 10,000 or more BV then you will get 14% performance bonus i.e. 1200 rupees.

RCM Royalty Income

This is the second income of RCM income plan in which you have to make a BV of 3.5 lakhs in one leg and 1.15 lakhs in the other leg, after that your income starts.

  • If you want to get 3% income on the side of rcm direct seller, then you have to do business of BV of 3.50 lakh in main leg and 1.15 lakh in second leg.
  • If you want an income of 4.5% on the side of rcm direct seller, then you have to sell BV of 3.50 lakhs in the main leg and 1.17 lakhs in the second leg.
  • If you want to get an income of 6% on the side of rcm direct seller, then you have to do business of BV of 3.50 lakhs in the main leg and 2.60 lakhs in the second leg.
  • If you want to get 8% income on the side of rcm direct seller, then you have to do business of BV of 3.50 lakh in main leg and 3.50 lakh in second leg.

RCM Technical Bonus Income

Under the income, the company gives some percentage of the total turnover of BV to its direct seller as a bonus. Even in this part of Rcm income, you have to complete 5 lakh or more business volume in both the people.

How to Login RCM Business

in order to login rcm business account you have to follow below steps.

  • To register in RCM, you must first go to the official site of RCM, rcmbusiness.com
  • After going to the website, you will see a login option in the right side, click on it
  • Now enter the mobile number you have given while registering there
  • If you don’t have that mobile number then enter your user ID
  • Enter your password after entering mobile number or user ID
  • A blank box will appear below in which you have to fill the CAPCHA
  • Happy you have been logged in to rcm business.

Keep these things in mind before login to Rcm business.

If you want to start your business inside rcm business then you have to take care of some special things which we have shown below.

  • You must be at least 18 years oldBefore buying the products of rcm business, know their market demand completely.
  • RCM business does not offer any retail discount
  • Remember the products of rcm business can be expensive so you must have sufficient capital.

Benefits of joining RCM Business

This is a big company from which you will get good selling experience.

  • The product of rcm business is right according to the demand of the people, so you will not have any problem in selling them.
  • RCM business has been working in India for many years, there will be no fraud
  • RCM business keeps a simple business plan in front of the customer and the distributor which can be easily understood
  • This company is registered under MCA.

RCM Business Struggle Story | RCM Business History

Rcm is such a direct selling company that has faced a lot of troubles in the market and out of the troubles, this company has made a new identity in the market.

In its early decade RCM was developing very well but in the year 2011 this company has faced big loss.

There was a scam of 200 crores in a company in Rajasthan, due to which the government also targeted other MLM companies and due to this the RCM company had to be closed in the year 2011.

To prove the government’s decision wrong, this company officially started collecting evidence, after which this company opposed the government’s decision to start the company in Jaipur and Delhi.

RCM company proved itself right and won the case and today this company is one of the oldest direct selling companies in India.

RCM Product List

  • Mens fashion
  • Health care
  • Agriculture
  • Personal care
  • Women’s fashion
  • Kids fashion
  • Bags
  • Accessories
  • Bedsheets
  • Towels
  • Household products
  • Home and kichen products
  • Men’s footware
  • Women’s footware
  • Food Products
  • Grocery Products
  • Paints
  • Construction products
  • Stationery Items


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