TATA Consumer to buy Bisleri International

According to the reports, TATA Consumer Products Ltd. Is planning or surely buy Bisleri International and will be Bisleri’s next successor. As an example to this, Bisleri has already sold its other sub brands to Coca Cola Company such as Limca, thumps up etc.

Bisleri is known as the largest packaged Water Company with a very high turnover, but unfortunately the Chairmen of Bisleri, Mr. Ramesh Chauhan decided tomsold it to the TATA Consumer Products ltd. For around Rs.6,000 – 7,000 crores.

The chairmen believe that TCPL will take bisleri International to the heights and make it even better, because he likes TATA’s integrity and values and hence made this decision.

He said, he will not have a minor stake in the company business. He will start and invest in some other environmental and charitable businesses.

After this, chairmen added some history of both TCPL and Bisleri International like:

  • Deal with Coca Cola buying almost the entire portfolio from Chairmen and his brothers.
  • 1965, Bisleri was started as a Italian Brand.
  • MR.Ramesh Chauhan acquired the company in 1969.
  • Bisleri has 122 plants and 4500 dealership (distributors) in india and abroad.
  • TATA packaged water known as Himalayan and Copper plus.

After this he said, about how he built the business and the worth of the Bisleri International and also for the employees and their passion.

Hence, that’s why this decision was made by the Chairmen to sell the Bisleri International to the TCPL so that it could be safe, secure and will have same place In the market.

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