Top 10 Direct Selling or Network Marketing Companies of the world in 2023

In this article, we are sharing the Top 10 Direct Selling or Network Marketing Companies and every single piece of information about those companies and their earners you should definitely know about.

Our aim is to get you one of the best content articles about the topics so that you can get the correct and best information.

Top 10 direct selling or network marketing companies
Top 10 direct selling or network marketing company

Let us now get some general information about What is Direct selling?

What is Direct selling? or Network Marketing?

A Direct Selling Business basically is a type of business in which the distributors sell their products, directly to the consumers without any traditional stores.

A Direct Selling or Network Marketing Business usually works as it hires several individual employees or intermediates for product distribution and promoting tasks. It is generally associated with task-planning and network marketing businesses.

Note that Direct Selling doesn’t completely mean Direct Marketing. It is Business Model where people with an Entrepreneur Mindset work independently to build a business by recurring people to the company and forming a team.

List Of Top 10 Direct Selling Companies of The World In 2023

  1. Amway
  2. Natura & Co.
  3. Herbalife
  4. VorWerk
  5. eXp Realty
  6. Coway
  7. Primerica
  8. NU Skin
  9. PM-International
  10.  Atomy

These are the Top 10 Network Marketing Companies of 2022 which are getting higher and higher with an endless annual revenue/income every year. These companies have been in the market since when the direct selling business was founded. After knowing about the Top 10 Direct Selling Companies, let us also know about them

So let us start with our Informative zone about those Top 10 Direct Selling or MLM Companies Of 2023 :


History of Amway Company

Amway is an American Multi Level Marketing (MLM) Company Founded in 1959 by two school friends Jay Van Andel and Richards DeVos .  in 1949, they got to know about a company  Nutralite Products Corporation founded by a cousin of Jay Van Andel and later both Jay and Richard became distributors of that company in food supplements.

After doing this, Jay and Richard along with the top distributors of the Nutrilite food supplements formed a new corporation named American Way CorpoHistoryration or Amway in April 1959. Later on, Amway started growing higher and in 1972 Amway bought interest control over Nutrilite, and in mid-1994 they bought full ownership of Nutrilite.

Amway Company Details 2023
Amway Company Details 2023

Amway Expansion Over the Years

Amway started growing and expanding itself from the starting itself. It first started its expansion in parts of :

  • Australia in 1971
  • Europe in 1973
  • Asia in 1974
  • Japan in 1979
  • Latin America in 1985
  • Thailand in 1987
  • China in 1995
  • Africa in 1997
  • India in 1998
  • Scandinavia in 1998
  • Ukraine in 2003
  • Russia in 2005
  • Vietnam in 2008

In early 2018 Amway was ranked as the 42nd largest private company in the United States and also the largest Direct Selling Company around the world.

Amway Revenues

As per the stats, Amway’s annual revenue for the last five years (2016 – 2021) is between 8.4 to 8.9 billion USD. The current annual income of Amway which ranks it at the top of all the companies is more than 8.9 billion USD.

There is averaged calculated change in Amway’s Revenue which is around 1.2% every year.

Amway Business Model

The business model has individual business owners which sell or market their products while marketing and selling products also convincing the people to join and become a business owners of the company to achieve goals. It works as a chain and joins several people in the business hence this chain continues and as the chain grows the business also grows.

Amway has more than 1 million people working for the company as well as for themselves to earn excessive benefits.

It works on a very common scheme called Pyramid Scheme for quick and easy benefits.

Top Earners From Amway Company

Here are some business owners/members of Amway who are earning endlessly with this business.

The top earner of Amway to date was Dexter Yager of Yager Group whose annual income is more than 7,200,000 USD (estimated) and overall lifetime income is 460,000,000 USD (estimated).

The second top earner of Amway is Barry Chi And Holly Chen their annual income from Amway is 3,000,000 USD (estimated) and their overall lifetime income is 75,000,000 USD (estimated).

How Amway Differs From Other Direct Selling Companies

  1. Amway provides a very complicated and different plan that a maximum number of people cannot understand in one go.
  2. Amway provides very good and top-quality products.
  3. It is the oldest company in the direct selling network.
  4. Amway products are sent directly to the doorstep.
  5. The main revenue is based on product sales.

Natura & Co.

History of Natura & Co.

It is a Brazilian cosmetic company. It is present in 73 countries around the world. It was founded by Antonio Luiz Seabra in late 1969. It is a public company since 2004 and is also the highest revenue-generating cosmetic company in brazil.

It has its share in Novo Mercado which is the highest stock exchange company.

Natura & Company Details 2023
Natura & Company Details 2023

Natura’s Expansion Over the years

The nature of Natura & co. in the terms of growth is sometimes in the running state and sometimes at a normal or average state.  As per stats, it has said as a company in 2004, and after that, it started growing by Opening its first cosmetic boutique in 2005 in Paris, France.

Its performance mainly started growing in early 2017 by achieving high revenue and growth rates.

Natura & Co. Revenue

As per Forbes, DSN, and other websites the annual income of the last five years (2016 – 2021) is between 6.9 to 9.9 billion USD.  The current annual revenue of natura & co. is more than 7.9 billion USD. The highest gross revenue of natura & company was in 2017 which was nearly more than 9.9 billion USD.

There is averaged calculated change in Natura’s Revenue in 2017-2018 which is around 24.5%  which lead to the highest all-over revenue of all time.

Natura & Co. Business Model

The natura & co. has more than 6.6 million resellers which is the largest in the world. It is called a level-one marketing company. It uses natural products and also supports environmental safety and socialism. Like with other direct selling companies the natura & co. also hires candidates to sell their products and pays the candidates on a commission basis. The existing candidates approach new candidates who are interested in this business and want to earn.

It has over 3200 stores which have their sub-brands included. The company helps in encouraging the personal development of the candidates and resellers.

How Natura Differs Itself From Other Direct Selling Companies

  1. The beauty products are of top-notch quality which any other brand cannot provide.
  2. It shares value along with production.
  3. It is very devoted to its environment and social transparency.
  4. It is dedicated to the concept of continuous learning.
  5. It believes in strategy-making in a very simple and steady manner.


History of Herbalife Company

It is an American company founded by Mark R. Hughes in 1980. It is present in around 95 countries around the world. Mark R. Hughes started the business from the trunk of the car he had at first. The company is operated by a pyramid scheme. From the start, the company’s aim is to change the habits of the people for taking proper nutrition. The first product was the protein powder for weight.

A case was filed against Herbalife in 1984 for showing wrong advertisements about the existing medical claims.

The company was shifted to a private company in 1999 after the company’s buyout offer was approved. In the mid of 2000, the founder of the company Mark R. Hughes died because of high consumption of alcohol and anti–depressant pills. After his death, the company was further associated with Christopher Pair until 2001.

Herbalife Nutrition Company Details 2023
Herbalife Nutrition Company Details 2023

Herbalife Expansion Over the Years

The company’s growth was consistent from the start itself. As per the stats, the company’s sales were increased by the promotions and advertisements and development wad started. About the company expansion, it took place like :

  • 1985: the company was said to be the highest and fastest-growing privately associated company in America.
  • 1986: the company became public and registered itself as Herbalife International.
  • 1988: the company got spread in some parts of Japan, New Zealand, Mexico, Spain, and Israel.
  • 1993: Company launched its 5 million shares in the market which were secondary.
  • 1995: launched a range of products for personal care which went very viral and profitable.

Herbalife Revenue

As per the stats of the company’s revenue, the company reached a higher revenue generation after a lot of losses. The annual revenues of the company for the last five years (2016 – 2021) is between 4.8 billion USD to 5.8 billion USD. The current annual revenue of the company is more than 5.5 billion USD.

There is a desired calculated change in Herbalife’s Revenue in 2016-2021 which is around 1.5% to 1.8% which leads to major ups and downs in revenue which is around 1.32 billion USD to 1.8 billion USD low or high.

Herbalife Business Model

As Herbalife is an MLM company it has some way of increasing business as other MLM direct selling company which is called a Pyramid Scheme in which an existing candidate / Herbalife business member convince another group of people to start a chain system under themselves and join people in the business and make other new people understand the same and do the same.

It has a rank system for members which is calculated by the tasks completed under a rank by an individual. As soon as the person completes the task of a particular rank, he/she is rewarded with incentives and other rewards to keep them motivated and to grow continuously the company and individually too.

Along with the pyramid scheme, the members are also selling the company products or we can say that the candidates are also the distributors of the products of the company directly to the people.

Hence, this business model goes on and on and the company increases day by day.  

How Herbalife Makes A Unique Place In The Market

  1. The company started a very new thought about the nutrition benefits for people around the globe.
  2. Works on both pyramid and product-selling business models.
  3. Products of the company are first in the market and result successfully.
  4. Even after the death of the main founder, the company didn’t stop business but made the business grow and develop.

Top Earners From Herbalife

Here are some business members of Amway who are earning endlessly with this business.

The top earner of Herbalife to date is Enrique & Graciela Varela from Mexico with an annual income of 3,540,000 USD and # a lifetime income of 15,000,000 USD.

The second top earner of Herbalife is A. Benitez & Raquel Kortez from the USA with an annual income of 3,000,000 USD and lifetime income of 15,000,000 USD.


History of the company

It is a german company founded by the Vorwerk brothers Carl and Adolf in 1883. When the company started, carpets and upholstery fabrics were manufactured. After the death of the founders, the son-in-law of the company founder took the lead of the company, and under his guidance, the manufacturing of gears and electric motors was started.

After good sales of the motors and gears the company’s head who was changed in 1969 who was Dr. Jorg Mittlesten Scheid, started making vacuum cleaners, carpets, and fabrics.

In 2001, the company started to go new with the century to develop itself, and after research came across several acquisition projects.

# VorWerk’s Expansion Over the Years

As the history of the company shows that the company’s head changed very quickly in a very short time period. As we saw:

  • 1883: the company was founded.
  • 1878-1904: the company was under carl Vorwerk’s son carl jr.
  • 1930: gramophone motor got the title of Kobold Model 30.
  • 1935: sales increased of kobold, got over 100,000, and in 1937 half a million, and in 1953 one million.
  • 1938: the organization for sales was established.
  • 1960: sale of vacuum clears was started along with the
  • 1970: the in-house data processing organizing department was formed.
  • 1971: launched thermomix food processor and the Vorwerk kitchen in 1974.
  • 2001: new launch of projects in which the buying of lux Asia pacific direct selling firm.
  • 2013: management changed.
  • 2017: launched and owned a vacuum manufacturer neato robotics.

VorWerk Revenue

As per the stats,  the company has been through a lot of changes in history, such as changes in the head, launching and discontinuing of products and services, etc.

After this, the annual revenue of the last five years (2016 – 2021)  is between 3.2 billion USD to 4.6 billion USD. And the current annual income of the company is more than 4.56 billion USD.

VorWerk’s Business Model

The Vorwerk is an MLM company in Germany and it presents a lot of opportunities such as: Reselling Of Products, Team Building, and revenue generation. It has more than 590000 candidates/resellers/distributors for the business and it is spread around 75 countries in the world.

Vorwerk Company Details 2023
Vorwerk Company Details 2023

The company doesn’t use a pyramid scheme to make any person join, but the company has distributors around the world who are continuously getting higher and earning profits. To make any person join the company, the person just has to make a purchase of the company’s products from its certified distributors/sellers after buying the product you are called the certified salesman of the company.

You work as a supplier of the company or for the company and can use it for your profit earning. But for that, the person has to attend training programs and seminars for adaptive to know about the company and its working policies.

How VorWerk Is Different From Other Companies

  1. The company has been there in the market for a very long period and knows almost every small and the big thing about the market.
  2. All the other direct-selling companies are moving forward with the products such as cosmetics, nutrition, food supplements, etc. but Vorwerk is a company that is trading in two segments which are first carpets and fabrics. Second, mixer and vacuum cleaners, etc.
  3. Not a pyramid scheme or payment joining the scheme.
  4. Have costly items still it is in demand.

eXp Realty

Introduction of exp realty company

It is a real estate company founded by Glenn Sanford in 2009. The company got into motion in 2013 and became a public company. It has some companies under itself such as eXp global, eXp commercial, virbela, and showcases IDX. It has its stock exchange on NASDAQ.

exp realty Company Details 2023
exp realty Company Details 2023

Business Model Of eXp Realty

eXp Realty is an MLM company And also not an MLM company. It has compensation which is known as revenue sharing which makes this company an MLM.

Revenue sharing is when income is generated by selling goods and services between stakeholders or investors. That revenue share is used in the industries and wherever there is a shortage of funds these revenues help the company to fulfill the requirements.

This revenue sharing helps in the quick growth of income. By this, the company doesn’t have to waste money on hiring employees because it pays the existing employee on their performance and appraises them.

The revenue is collected from the employees themselves to keep a fund and after raising or sharing that fund the employee gets their desired profit and hence the company grows along with the employee benefits.


Here, described the top 5 companies you should definitely know about and also a must try. In the description of the companies you will get to know how a big billion company was formed, the business mindset of the founders, the marketing and development strategies applied, how the expansion takes place, is the expansion slow or fast, etc.

Hence at last, if you feel to join any of the company must read the content above and get started with a bunch of information about the company already.

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