The world's largest wind-solar hybrid power plant with a capacity of 600 MW has been commissioned in Jaisalmer, Rajasthan.

Cross breed plant incorporates 600 MW sun based and 150 MW wind plant

This 600 MW half breed plant is claimed by two auxiliaries of AGEL, Adani Crossover Energy Jaisalmer to Restricted (AHEJ2L).

Adani Crossover Energy is situated in Jaisalmer Three Restricted (AHEJ3L).).

The co-found half breed power plant won't just decrease the discontinuous RE power yet in addition assist the country in ideal usage of the transmission with systems administration

Recently in May, AGEL dispatched India's most memorable crossover power plant with a limit of 390 MW at Jaisalmer, Rajasthan.

"With the successful commissioning of this 600 MW plant, AGEL has a total operational generation capacity of 6.7 GW," the company said in its stock exchange filing on Thursday.

This puts AGEL's all-out inexhaustible portfolio at 20.4 GW.

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