Could Credit Suisse crisis be a threat to Indian banking, stock market?

credit Suisse Group AG recognized as 45th largest bank in the world by assets

As per the S&P Worldwide positioning of the world's main 100 banks, Credit Suisse has resources of $829.12 billion against SBI's $694 billion.

Indeed, the worldwide monetary emergency is dependably a worry however since Credit Suisse has restricted tasks in India, the danger to the Indian financial framework isn't serious.

The bank in India is somewhat little when contrasted with other European banks.

Credit Suisse has a capital sufficiency proportion of 34.62 percent in India, which is well over the administrative prerequisite of 9%.

As per RBI information, the money to risk-weighted resource proportion (CRAR) and normal value level 1 proportion of Indian banks remained at 16.7 percent and 13.6 percent, separately, in Walk 2022.

While the arrangement inclusion proportion (PCR) for NPAs tumbled to a six-year low of 5.9 percent, it rose to 70.9 percent in Walk 2022 from 67.6 percent in Walk 2021.

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