Diwali Bonus 2022: Non-PLB (Ad-hoc Bonus) for Central Government Employees - Eligibility, Calculation

Bonus is given only to those employees who are not covered under any Productivity Linked Bonus Scheme.

DoE further stated that the calculation limit for payment of ad-hoc bonus would be monthly emoluments of Rs.7000.

The payment of ad-hoc bonus will also be admissible to eligible employees of Central Para Military Forces and Armed Forces.

Pro-rata payment will be payable to eligible employees for the period of continuous service from six months to one complete year during the year.

DOE said casual workers who have worked in offices after the 6-day week

The amount of non-PLB payable will be Rs.1200×30/30.4 ie Rs.1184.21 (rounded off to Rs.1184)).

In cases where the actual emoluments fall below Rs. 1200 per month, the amount will be calculated on bonus basis.

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