What will be the impact of BYJU'S FY21 results on its future business? Can profits come soon?

Pronounced its reviewed results for FY 2011 following a deferral of year and a half on September 14, 2022.

Everyone is focused on its FY22 results, the cutoff time for which is 30 September.

The Bengaluru-based fire up had as of late prodded its top line numbers saying that it has created gross income of Rs 10,000 crore in FY22.

However the reviewed results are on the way out, the figure is a gigantic leap from the FY2011 figures.

Proceeding in FY23 and then some, we will join development with proficiency to guarantee manageability

The general thought is to allot assets really to expand influence," he kept in touch with workers.

Is it an indication of quiet after the tempest, or the beginning of an excursion into the more early waters? With BYJU'S, one can never tell.

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