The Indian rupee has devalued moderately little against the US dollar when contrasted with a few other significant monetary standards

Some countries substantially depleted their reserves, but they also managed to achieve higher stability for their currency compared to the Indian rupee.

, Japan drove the rundown with the dollar appreciating 23.1% against its money between August 2021 and August 2022.

Its central bank spent $121.7 billion (9.4%) of its reserves, but this intervention appears to have failed to halt the yen's decline.

During the same period, China used $177.2 billion (5.5%) of its foreign exchange reserves and saw a 5.5% appreciation of the US dollar against the yuan.

Similarly, Switzerland and Singapore also reduced their foreign exchange reserves by more than a hundred billion dollars,

Brazil devalues  $29 billion in its reserves

The dollar saw a 2.1% depreciation against its actual, the only currency on the list to have strengthened against the dollar over the period.

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