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Hello Readers, In the below article we are going to share Galway Products Price List along with the download link of Galway Products pdf at the end of the article . This article belongs to the company Glaze India Trading Pvt Ltd commonly known as the “Galway”.
In this article we covered Glaze New Products, galway products details, glaze company product, galway krisham products etc.

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Before going further in the article of Global Glaze Products Price List let us share about Galway Company Detail.

Galway Company Details :

Galway CompanyDetails
Company Registered NameGlaze Trading India Pvt Ltd
Date of Registration16 March 2004
CIN NoU51909DL2004PTC125198
Galway Head OficeA-1/175, Main Najafgarh Road, Janakpuri, New Delhi – 110058
Galway ProductsPersonal Care and Beauty Care, Health and Wellness, Agriculture, Home and Kitchen
Galway BrandsGalway Nutriflow, Galway Kalkim, Galway Natural twist, Galway Srigunam, Galway Grihshoryam, Galway Dantauram, Galway Krisham, Galway Rupabham, Galway ayusham, Galway kitchen shakti, Galway Galveda.
Galway Websitehttps://www.glazegalway.com/
Galway Contact Number+91-11-46277200

Galway Products Category

  • Personal Care
  • Beauty Care
  • Health and Wellness
  • Agriculture
  • Home and Kitchen

Galway Product Brands

galway products [NEW] Global Glaze - Galway Products Price list 2022
  • Galway Nutriflow
  • Galway Kalkim
  • Galway Natural twist
  • Galway Srigunam
  • Galway Grihshoryam
  • Galway Dantauram
  • Galway Krisham
  • Galway Rupabham
  • Galway ayusham
  • Galway kitchen shakti
  • Galway Galveda

Galway Products Price List

lets get further in the Global Glaze Products Price List, to purchase any of the below products you can refer to the GalwayKart website after login to your distributor id you can make your order on discounted basis.

Personal and Beauty Care – Galway Products Price List

S.NoProduct NameMRPLoyalty ValuePVRBV
1Galway Tie99970046276
2Galway Bhringraj Hair Oil98484012.6075.80
3Galway Coconut Oil1311052.3013.80
4Galway Rupabham Total Care Soap36340.804.50
5Galway Herbal Hair Shampoo With Panchtatav1951817.9047.60
6Galway Haldi Chandan Anticeptic Cream22222111.6069.80
7Galway Herbal Panchtatva Toothpaste87741.609.70
8Galway Green Gel Toothpaste118100423.70
9Galway Refreshing Bath Soap69592.5014.40
10Galway Sunscreen Spf 3037534318.10108.3
11Galway Amla Hair Oil1221052.3013.80
12Galway After Shave Splash39324512.9077.40
13Galway Neem And Basil Face Wash2261407.4044.20
14Galway Men- Beard Shampoo43427114.3085.60
15Galway Prokratin Hair Serum50031216.4098.50
16Galway Green Lush Face Wash1211004.4026.30
17Galway Fruit Punch Face Wash1211004.4026.30
18Galway Aroma Therapy Body Massage Oil59537019.50116.80
19Galway Papaya Fairness Face Wash3071901060
20Galway Vitamin C Face Wash33020410.7064.40
21Galway Men- Beard Oil59537019.50116.80
22Galway Coconut Avocado oil Shampoo180159741.80
23Galway Men- Beard Conditioner44227514.5086.80
24Galway Hand Wash- Lime & Aloe Vera1801557.5044.90
25Galway Hair Styling Gel2981859.7058.40
26Galway Thanda Thanda Hair Oil1461273.4020.10
27Galway Anti Dandruff Shampoo46929015.3091.60
28Galway Men- Skin Lightening Cream47829815.7094.10
29Galway Icey Cool Talc72642.2012.90
30Galway Shaving Cream1401186.2037.30
31Galway Body Wash Pomegranate & Plum38424012.6075.80
32Galway Apricot Scrub1901729.1054.10
33Galway Hand Sanitizer Gel60550.804.80
34Galway Goat Milk Shower Cream47029415.5092.80
35Galway Creame with Vitamin-E1951215.8035
36Galway Body Lotion Honey & Shea Butter43827214.3085.90
37Galway Men- Face Wash45128014.7088.40
38Galway BB Cream46528915.2091.30
39Galway Aloe Cucumber Ultra Moisture Body Lotion1801506.6039.50
40Galway Rose Day Cream43427114.3085.60
41Galway Men- After Shave Balm2581598.4050.20
42Galway Goat Milk Body Lotion45128014.7088.40
43Galway Prokratin Shampoo With Conditioner51432016.90101.10
44Galway Anti Bacterial Face Cleanser32119910.5062.80
45Galway Body Wash Honey & Almond43827214.3085.90
46Galway Rose Skin Tonner2901819.5057.20
47Galway Lavender Night Cream50631616.6099.80
48Galway Body Lotion Pomegranate & Grape Seed42026213.8082.70
49Galway Body Lotion Pomegranate & Grape Seed420 35426213.8082.70
50Galway Apricot Scrub321 26919910.5062.80
51Galway Haldi Chandan Cream357 29822111.6069.80
52Galway Srigunam Men Face Cream244 2031507.9047.40
53Galway Srigunam Men Face Cream
54Galway Vitamin C Face Wash1901035.4632.46

Health and Wellness – Galway Products Price List

1Galway Rice Bran Oil (S)2702403.5021.10
2Galway Calcium Tablet93358131184
3Galway Spirulina Tablets59641922.10132.30
4Galway Galvita Multi Nutritional Powder86654228.50171.20
5Galway Daily Vital Multivitamin127479742251.70
6Galway Glucosamine With Boswellia Curcum120369936.80220.70
7Galway Soyway Protein Powder111769936.80220.70
8Galway Leanfitz Protein Drink Mix2233140073.70442.10
9Galway Green Tea Lemon36029914.4086.60
10Galway Aloe Vera Juice Orange46036117.40104.50
11Galway Aloe Vera Juice45035217.00101.90
12Galway Green Coffee33027514.5086.80
13Galway Green Tea Mint33027514.5086.80
14Galway SD Card1399129368.10272
15Galway Bag Pack1800150059355.10
16Galway Exercise Note Book 18496821.207.20
17Galway Natraj wooden Pencil40370.301.60
19GalVeda – Cough N Cold Syrup99823.6021.60
20Galveda – Noni Plus60055518.70112
21Galveda- Prostoease Tablets54046024.20145.30
22Galway Aloe Giloy Plus Juice45036019113.70
23GalVeda – Hepa Protect Syrup1501315.8034.50
24GalVeda – Cardovas Tablet69946024.20145.30
25GalVeda – Women Tablet69946024.20145.30
26Galway Panch Tulsi Drop3522301272.60
27GalVeda – Stressease Tablet54046024.20145.30
28GalVeda – Vito Potent Plus Tablet130386045.30271.60
29GalVeda – Gluntrol Tablet54046024.20145.30
30Galway Premium Shoe Polish Black65550.804.80
31Galway Premium Shoe Polish Light Brown65550.804.80
32Galway Merlin toothbrush Black Beauty soft20180.402.20
33Galway Premium Shoe Polish Dark Brown65550.804.80
34Galway Merlin toothbrush Ikon soft35300.703.90
35Galway Merlin toothbrush Jini & Jumbo20180.402.20
36Galway Face Mask28024511.8070.90
37Galway BENLING WRIST WATCH PAIR89997825274.601647.40
38Galway Shoe Shine Brush73600.905.30
39Galway Instant Shine Sponge82721.106.30

Agriculture – Galway Krisham – Galway Products Price List

1Galway Krisham G-Sea Liquid (100 Ml)330 281014.8088.70
2Galway Krisham G-Amino297 253013.3079.90
3Galway Krisham G- Bio Humic324 276014.5087.20

Agriculture – Galway Krisham – Galway Products Price List

1Galway Oxidaze Micro Wash Detergent Powder1411052.2012.90
2Galway Kitchen Shakti Premium Ctc Tea1721503.3019.70
3Galway Dish Wash Concentrated Gel1271094.5026.80
4Galway Globeam Dolphin Torch1201002.9017.50
5Galway Hand Wash- Lime & Aloe Vera1801557.5044.90
6Galway Kuber Cumin Seed Whole 100G40390.301.70
7Galway Kuber Dry Dhoop Pack Of 460591.307.80
8Galway Galclean Concentrate Multipurpose Cleaner2802178.6051.40
9Galway Natraj wooden Pencil40370.301.60
10Galway Kuber Whole Red Chilli With Stem 100G35330.201.40
11Galway Air Freshner141874.6027.50
12Galway Kuber Black Cardamom 50G76730.503.20
13Galway Kuber Black Pepper Powder 50 Gm80781.7010.30
14Galway Kuber Black Salt24230.503.00
15Galway Kuber Black Pepper 50G41400.301.80
16Galway Kuber Amchoor Powder 100 Gm484616.10
17Galway Kuber Fennel Seed Big 100G3533
18Galway Disinectant Surface Cleaner2301958.6051.70

Galway Food Products – Galway Products Price List

1Galway Kuber Gold Turmeric Powder Strong36300.704.20
2Galway Kitchen Shakti Premium Ctc Tea1721503.3019.70
3Galway Kuber Gold Red Chilli Powder Ex- Hot36300.704.20
4Galway Kuber Gold Coriander Powder36300.704.20
5Galway Kuber Gold Sabji Masala64591.408.30
6Galway Kuber Gold Kitchen King64591.408.30
7Galway Tops Pickle Mix1651642.4014.40
8Galway Kuber Gold Garam Masala Premium9991212
9Galway Tops Pickle Green Chilli1651642.4014.40
10Galway Kuber Gold Sambar Masala56511.106.70
11Galway Tops Tamato Ketchup Pouch1301291.9011.30
12Galway Tops Jam Mix Fruit2001992.9017.50
13Galway Kuber Gold Rasam Masala65591.408.30
14Galway Kuber Gold Chat Masala Premium54501.207.00
15Galway Kuber Premium Mamamia Meetha Mewa1801673.4020.50

Galway Beverages Products – Galway Products Price List

1Galway Green Tea Lemon36029914.4086.60
2Galway Aloe Vera Juice Orange46036117.40104.50
3Galway Aloe Vera Juice45035217101.90
4Galway Green Coffee33027514.5086.80
5Galway Green Tea Mint33027514.5086.80

Galway Pooja Samagri Products – Galway Products Price List

1Galway Kuber 4 in 1 Premium Puja Doop Stick15140.301.80
2Galway Kuber Dry Dhoop Pack Of 460591.307.80
4Galway Kuber Premium Insense Sticks Set of 5 (agarbatti)75681.508.90
5Galway Kuber Gold Premium Dhoop25240.503.20
6Galway Kuber Gold 3 In 1 Agarbatti100950.704.20
7Galway Kuber Hawan Samagri25230.503.20

Galway Other Products – Galway Products Price List

1Galway Kuka Cough Lozenges100913.7022.40
2Galway Pain Relief Ointment11875423.70
3Galway Rhumed Strong Oil2882538.9053.30
4Galway Chyawanprash36032510.9065.60
5Galway Muliv Strong Syrup63552.2713.60
6Galway Duffle Bag99986938.60228.70
7Galway Chrono Watch999999991761050

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