Amazon to shut down online learning academy in India

Recently, Amazon decided to close all their online learning classes for high education of students which were about to take place from August 2023 but suddenly after two years, it is shutting down.

This online learning platform was helping students who were preparing for their JEE.

This idea of online learning and preparation of students was launched in the coronavirus pandemic year, so that students can study efficiently during the lockdown.

But currently the main reason for shutting down or discontinuing of the Amazon Academy was mainly done so that they can take care of the existing customers. As the existing customers have to take a package till 2024.

This will help the student to get the in depth knowledge of their desired course or examination for which they are preparing for and also provided collaboration with other education academies such as Byju’s, Unacademy, toppr, Vedantu etc.

This closing down of the companies started taking place after the schools and coaching institutes centers were re-opened after the covid lockdown.

As a result to this the Edtech companies made a step in sacking the employees so that it would increase in the profitability of the firm. On an average about 2500 employees were removed from the companies all over the country.

It was both a good and bad decision taken by the Amazon academy, in the good sense, it made that they care for their customers and provide them best education but in bad sense they did not cared about the new customers willing to study through their platform.

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