Thousands of employees quit the biggest iPhone-making Factory

biggest iPhone-making Factory foxconn
Biggest iPhone-making Factory foxconn

For the past few days, the biggest iPhone Manufacturing company Foxconn which is located in Zhengzhou, China. The workers started protesting against the company feeling unhappiness and also there are fights with the security personnel.

But recently Foxconn realized their mistakes and apologized for the paid technical error which was observed when there were new recruits in the company, which resulted in claiming compensation. After this, the company took the decision to pay CNY 10,000 approx. $1,400 to the new recruits and said them to resign and leave the company.

This decision started resulting positively, and by seeing reports there were around 20,000 people left. The new recruits who were currently not working on the production or something else are taking the compensation offered are leaving. But before all this, there were 200,000 workers were working as staff.

This was said that the production and shipment was acting negatively, and Apple also said that there will be a delay and shorter for the iPhone 14 Po and Pro Max shipment. As per reports if the same issue continues then there will be around 10 million iPhones will not be manufactured which can lead to a huge loss to the company and market as well. On percentage criteria, approximately 25% to 30% less 14 Pro will be made.

Foxconn made a statement to the recruits that this incident has made their public image weak but is now controlled by the compensation decision.

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