WhatsApp Emerging as a Direct Marketing Channel for Brands

WhatsApp Shop
WhatsApp Shop

As per the reports, the famous messaging application WhatsApp is slowly becoming a Direct Marketing Channel for Brands. A survey was organized for the same and got ht results as the 72% of the people to use WhatsApp to get in contact with the brands with the help of personalized texting related to the products and services. And around 85% of people are in a positive reaction to the notification suggestions from the bands of the products and services updating.

It is basically done to reach customers in an efficient and easy way as more than 95% of people around the globe use WhatsApp for both personal and professional tasks.

As per the analytics, WhatsApp has reached 180+ countries and more than 2 billion people and it is not a difficult task for WhatsApp to build its marketing channel which can connect with customers across the world.

In 2018, WhatsApp launched the WhatsApp Business so that the business can contact customers and add services and features, and made a full-performance consumer engagement platform.

As the reports say, the open rate of WhatsApp is around 98% huge along with a click-through of 45%. WhatsApp has been listed in some of the specific industry cases in many public sectors like health, education technology, management, and mass media.

Hence, WhatsApp is currently the highest and biggest platform available and is used by brands to increase and maintain their customer engagements and to grow the interaction between the company along with the features of personalized products and services. 

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